New Character Design! Better UI - Update 04/02/2018

The main thing that i've been working on is the UI. I've simplified the UI to be like a traditional main menu.

I've also decided that the monochromatic theme is quite bland and isn't to most people's liking.

I have decided to cut the story and horror elements of this game. The reason is because the story consisted of a lot of reading and during the playtesting, no one mentioned anything about the story - i.e is not interesting. The horror elements are tied into the story as well (which is just a jumpscare) - so i am taking this out as well. Because the story is going, the title will no longer make sense, so i will b changing the name of the game.

I have also fixed some gameplay issues.

I've been working on a more coherent for the game as well:

I have been working on some level design concept art:

Which design is your favourite? Your feedback will help me lots thank you.

UPCOMMING GOALS (to finish by 12/02/18):

  • Completely finish of the tutorial levels + UI
  • Create particle effects, camera shakes - gamification

NOTE: I will be uploading the updated build soon. The current build does not have any of the updates.

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